Our Story

Located just off the shores of beautiful Lake Martin in Eclectic, Alabama, Dirt Road Gourmet got it’s start in 2005 after dinner guests of our founders and former owners, Reuben and Jackie Thornton, asked to purchase the extra uneaten casserole they had been served that evening. With Jackie being known for preparing delicious southern meals, she and Reuben saw an opportunity to start a business by sharing her great cooking with others.

They soon began selling our delicious frozen casseroles in small retail and convenience stores around different areas of Lake Martin. With the lake being a very popular vacation and second home destination, they had the opportunity to sell our casseroles to customers from larger surrounding cities. Eventually, these customers started going home to their local grocery stores and asking for our casseroles.

When the first grocery store chain called, Jackie was there to answer the phone. Being a touch overwhelmed with the thought of producing enough casseroles to supply a grocery chain, she was flattered by the call, but declined the offer. After overhearing the call, Reuben jumped into action. He immediately picked up the phone, called the buyer back and worked out a deal to supply their stores. On that day, Dirt Road Gourmet began wholesaling to grocery stores.

Over the last 17 years, Dirt Road Gourmet has grown to become “The South’s Favorite Frozen Casseroles”. Today, our frozen casseroles are distributed to grocery and specialty stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. We're still right here in Eclectic, Alabama making our casseroles the same way we always have, hand made in small batches with premium ingredients.
Founders & Former Owners, Reuben & Jackie Thornton