Why Dirt Road?

We are often asked about our name. Yes, we do live on a dirt road but we wanted a name that was different. And, we were determined to make a product that would stand out and be remembered.

When we started the Dirt Road Gourmet, we were looking to start a business we could run at Lake Martin. One night after a dinner party, one of our guests asked to buy our leftovers. We had served a casserole and she had seen an extra one in the refrigerator. That started us thinking about a casserole business. We had seen similar products in other markets and decided to give it a go!

Just like getting lost on family vacation and finding the best ice cream or barbecue or root beer floats in an unusual place, we wanted our customer to try our product and say this is the best. We have always sourced the finest ingredients and placed our product in above average packaging to make sure our consumers view us as a valuable purchase.

Over the years our delicious casseroles have welcomed families home, greeted new neighbors, celebrated the arrival of new babies, comforted those who were under the weather and bid a fond farewell to loved ones.

After almost fifteen years we are still proud to make the South’s best casseroles!


After extensive research, our owners found that Americans prefer to eat at home for their evening meal. Due to limited time and limited choices, they found that most people select a sack of burgers, barbeque sandwiches or pizza and the family is often unfulfilled by this offering.​

The casserole is packed by hand and wrapped by hand in our HACCP approved, commercial kitchen located in Eclectic, Alabama. Following stringent food handling procedures, the casseroles arrive frozen in convenience stores, independent grocers, gift shops and gourmet markets and ready to serve families of four.​

As working professionals, we know how you feel at the end of the day. We would like to be part of your travels and help you. That is why we are strategically placing our product in your pathway; the convenience store you stop at to gas up your car, your local grocer, the drugstore or your favorite gift shop. We want to help you stay happy and well fed.

Any consumer who adds a salad or steamed veggies to accompany our casseroles will have a wonderful, tasty hot dinner for their family. All it takes is about sixty minutes. We make a great team.


Our products are exclusively packed in reusable aluminum pans with snap dome lids. The container has a USDA approved coating and can go from the freezer to the oven to the microwave to the table.

Not only are our pans recyclable but we also have recycled a quaint rock house in Eclectic, Alabama for our factory.